A Guide to Choosing the Right Memorial Jewelry

26 Aug 2018 02:36

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Losing a loved one is not an easy process to go through. Memories come flooding back and are more cherished than before. Taking the time to memorialize someone can help with the grieving process. Whether choosing something for you, or for someone else, considering jewelry is an option that should not be over looked.

Custom photo jewelry is an easy, portable way to keep a loved one close. Deciding on what should be obtained all depends on the person who passed and the person receiving it. Jewelry that memorializes someone is not just for decoration. It not only keeps memories alive, it keeps them personal.

A young boy who lost his grandfather, may need that special something to help him with the healing process. The happy picture of him sitting on his grandpa's shoulder while holding up his first fish can bring comfort while it hangs around his neck. It's something he can touch and it's something he can see.

A woman who lost her mother may want a nice pendant on a necklace that shows her mom's smiling face. The other side of this pendant may include some reassuring words. Another option for her would be to add her father's picture to the other side instead. This way she could carry both of them close to her heart.

When choosing a piece of memorial jewelry, consider how it will be used. For a gift where you know she will wear it continuously, make sure you get the right kind that can stand up to water exposure. Keep the memory from fading by insuring the custom photo jewelry is water sealed to protect the picture. This way it won't matter if she accidentally wears her bracelet into the pool.

Don't forget that people aren't the only ones that are missed when they are gone. Memorializing a lost pet with custom photo jewelry can ease an aching heart. Looking down at a pendant and seeing their cat still smirking in defiance can bring back smiles.

Choosing the right custom photo jewelry all depends on who it is for and how they will wear it. If someone is more private with their grief, perhaps a locket is best. Someone who has lost multiple pets may prefer a bracelet where photo charms could be added. Earrings, necklaces and even cuff links are available. That young boy who still misses his grandpa may switch to having his pendant on a key chain as he ages.

The best guide to choosing the right custom photo jewelry will come from your heart. Once picture necklace choose the right photograph you want to memorialize, picking the right jewelry will be easy. The memories stay alive inside of you. Having a piece of jewelry to hold, keeps them close to your heart.

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